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W expression and high expression of ALDH1 in the stromal cells were 13 cases, 61 cases and 174 cases, respectively (Table 3).ALDH1 expression was not associated with the agesFIGO stage, as the most popular clinically used stage criteria is an important prognostic predictor in ovarian carcinomas [25]. High expression of ALDH1 in ovarian carcinoma cells was significantly associated with early FIGO
D of TB, and DM patients who are responding poorly to anti-TB treatment should be considered and investigated for drug-resistant disease. Further prospective research using a cohort design with adequate follow-up is needed, which includes all known determinants for drug-resistant TB in DM patients so that a better understanding is reached about the interactions between the two diseases.Citation:
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كنت بحاجة إلى العثور على أفضل وقت لبيع منزلك من خلال مراقبة أفضل الأرباح. هي معبأة هذا المقال مع النصائح التي سوف تجد من المفيد في عملية بيع منزلك.عند انطلاق منزلك لالمراقبات، في محاولة لتفريغه المنزل بقدر ما يمكن لكم ربما، حتى لو كنت لا تزال تعيش في المنزل.مجرد القيام التحديثات الصغيرة إلى المطبخ الخاص بك يمكنك جعل الناس يرغبون في شراء منزلك. قد تحتاج للتبديل الأجهزة واحد
Stromal cells and FIGO stage was discoverd (p > 0.05, linear by linear association, Table 3).ALDH1 expression in ovarian carcinoma cells was associated with well differentiation gradeThe ages at diagnosis were divided into five groups for the association analyses: 39, 40?9, 50?9, 60?9 and 70 years. The expression of ALDH1 in ovarian carcinoma cells was not significantly different (p > 0.05, lin
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